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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coliving ?

Coliving is a whole new way of living in a community, a shared apartment without the drawbacks. At La Villa, we offer a large house with garden and swimming pool, designed for shared living. Residents benefit from an all-inclusive fixed monthly rate, with services included. All adhere to the spirit of community!


Where are The Villas located ?

The villas are all located in Grand Genève region in France. More specifically in Ambilly or Ville-La-Grand, Always at less than 8 minutes walk from a direct connection to downtown Geneva. Usually, total commuting time is under 30 minutes door to door (Champel, Eaux-Vives, Cornavin, Lancy, etc). Some time less based on the specific location of each house.


Who is part of the La Villa team ?

We are a couple  and have both had shared experiences in the past, we both dreamed of an idyllic shared flat :) The Villa was born from this idea!

Now, from regular maintenance to house keeping and all the administrative parts of the project, about 15 persons contributes regularly to the day to day life of The Villas. 


Is there a minimum length of stay to settle in La Villa ?

We ask for a minimum of two months, if you wish to leave, we need to know one month in advance. 


What is included in the monthly rate ?

The price is exactly what each Resident pays per month: no hidden costs! The price includes rent, charges, electricity, water, fiber optic internet and all services. In addition to the activities offered, there is also cleaning twice a week in the common areas, as well as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify subscriptions. Staff maintenance, upkeep and support is also included.


You only need to take your own insurance to protect your own goods and any injury you may be causing during your stay.


Can I pay my rent without the services ?

La Villa offers an all-inclusive rate. It is not possible to just pay the rent for the room, or to choose among the services offered.


Is there a security deposit ?

Yes, a security deposit is to be expected. This is equivalent of two month's rent.


Is there any agency fee ?

No, at La Villa, the rate is all-inclusive.


What type of lease do I sign ? 

This is a furnished lease. This is the most common type of lease for rental accommodation.


When do I need to pay the rent ? 

Before the 5th of month.


What are the steps to integrate la Villa ?

1. Explore our site and this FAQ to find out what Coliving at La Villa is all about!

2. Submit your application and select a video meeting slot with the staff

3. Take advantage of a 20-minute discussion with us 

4. Visit La Villa and meet your future roommates

5. Is your application validated? Let's sign your lease!

6. Move in and enjoy :)

How is the video call going ? 

One of the staff members will meet you on Zoom to discuss your application. We discuss your motivations together and you are free to ask all your questions.

What if I want to come and settle in as a couple at La Villa ? 

The Villadoes not have a room offer designed for couples. Indeed, a room is linked to a set of services for a single person. If two people want to settle in, they have to go through the co-optation process individually and they will each have to pay for a room.


What if I have a pet ?

A pet can be accepted if all the roommates and the staff agree.


Are children accepted in the houses ? 

To date, it’s not suitable for children.


Is there a maximum age to join La Villa ? 

No, age is not a criterion for validation of the file by the staff during the video. Currently, roommates are between 24 and 35 years old, and the average age is 30.


Can I change my room ? 

Yes, under request, it is be possible to change rooms the next time a roommate leaves.


Can I decorate my room as I wish ? 

You can decorate your room however you want. When you leave it, you simply have to put everything back in its initial state before your inventory of fixtures.


Is La Villa close to public transport ? 

La Villa is a 6-minute walk from the CEVA “Annemasse” stop, and 6 minutes from the greenway by bike.


Do I have to eat every day with my roommates ?

You don't have to share all of your meals with your roommates. Everyone has their own pace of life;) On the other hand, twice a month you receive a Food box to cook together! It's a great excuse to have dinner with all your roommates!

Is coliving safe ?

Co-living is, perhaps, safer than living alone in a big city. Unlike living alone in an unfamiliar city, in a co-living situation, there is a community there that checks in to ensure you are ok, to ensure you have what you need and to support you so you are not on your own own. The community is built-in support.

Can I bring my own furniture ?

All our houses & room are already fully furnished (very often with designer's furnitures) and do not require or permit you to bring in your own furniture to replace the furniture that is provided.


Should you require minimal upgrades like closet drawers, desks, etc. it is usually no problem.

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